I don’t know how many times I have been asked from tourists .. “Where is the Beach?”  “I thought this was an island!”  “How come there are not more Beaches?”  The keys are a chain of islands that are over a 100 miles long with some areas less than a quarter -mile wide. It is truly a row of rocks, coral rocks that is.

Well truth be told we have a few beaches, but it’s not our claim to fame.. I have a few favorites with tips on how to make the best out of your days at the few local beaches we have.

Anne’s Beach – Mile Marker 73

This beach is a true gem of what locals like todo. You just pull off the overseas highway and get out and walk into the water..  it has mangroves and boardwalks to boot. This is a local spot that you can take your dog to and just float around. Make sure to bring a floaty because you are going to want to just relax and take it all in once you get in the water here. This is a small beach that can get busy on the weekends with limited parking it can be kind of a mess. So go early and stay put because that parking space won’t be there when you get back from lunch at Lazy Days.

Sombrero Beach- Mile Marker 50

This is the more traditional beach with small sandy dunes,lots of parking, and new and improved bath house with showers. They also have lots of picnic tables and a playground for kids. This is a great family beach because of all the amenities. It is also down the street form a Publix and Wallgreens just in case anyone needs anything. At times this beach can get busy on the weekends like every other beach in the keys. This is my favorite family beach.


Bahia Honda State Park- Mile Marker 37

This place is my all time favorite place in the keys. It is a history lesson mixed with a beauty of a beach. The water here looks like you are in the Caribbean. This is the longest beach in the keys with the most going on. Since it is in a state park you have so many options to do things and have all day long fun. You can even hike up to the top of the old overseas highway bridge. It is a great look out spot and photo op. Time and time again I never get tired of going here. It is a breath taking beach with lots of space so you can get the feel of being on your own private island.


last but not least

Smathers Beach- Mile Marker 4.

This is place is the heart of Key West, it has everything going on. You can find families, kite boarders, rollerbladers and runners on the sidewalk. Just a few blocks away form Duval street. It is great for a afternoon stop to take a nap under a palm tree. Venders rent beach chairs and umbrellas. Also they have bathrooms so that is a big plus when you are out drinking all afternoon, as some do when in Key West.


These are a few of my favorite local beach spots.. here in the Florida keys

straight from a local.