I grew up on the water here in the Florida Keys.. some say I am a mermaid but say I am just a keys kid. I love the island life an I have always had so much pride in telling people where I am from. I have had so many people ask me.. “Well where do you vacation if you live where we come to vacation?” Yes, it is paradise here in the Florida Keys.. our warm blue waters and old history has inspired many.. such as Jimmy Buffet, Ernest Hemingway, & Kenny Chesney. Just to name a few .. we are also the set for  Bloodline the series from Netflix.. it’s been the big talk around town for the past two years.. us locals just love that show.  They showcased our lifestyle. This blog is going to be about just that.. our island lifestyle and how us local’s eat, live and fish..  we also love a great cocktail at 5pm.. or anytime at that matter. The way of life here is unique like any other.. some people give their whole lives just to say they are Monroe country residents.. I was one of the few who was lucky enough to be born & raise here.. I will be posting on all aspects of our unique way of life..