Words to live by on the water..

 “Brown, brown, run aground.
White, white, you just might.
Blue, blue, sail on through.
Green, green, nice and clean.” 

Our crystal blue warm waters are inviting.. but the Coral Reefs and marine life is what keeps us coming back..   The Florida Keys is home to the largest barrier reef in North America it is also home to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Being underwater on the coral reefs, sea grass beds, & mangrove forests it’s a whole new world in each place all tying into together.. Each unique ecosystem relies on each other.

The Coral Reef is like a big city.. the big stage horn corals are the big sky scrapers, the brain corals are like the stores with all the fish coming and going.


The mangroves are like the suburbs.. it’s all the baby fish and the mangroves keeping them save because they can swim deep into the roots of the red mangroves to stay away from natural predators. The mangroves are the nursery for small fish that when they grow they go out to the deep sea.



The sea grass beds are the rural / farm country.  Sea Grass beds go on for miles at times and are so similar to the waves of grain out in the midwest. Sea Grass is a main food for marine life. Manatees and turtles love to munch on sea grass for meals.


Please be carful and safe out on our waters.. not only of your safety but for the safety of the world below. Also follow the Florida Fish & wildlife laws.