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The Keys Thai & Sushi

This place is in a small plaza at MM 100 ocean side..  it’s been the locals gossip for a few months now since the location was revamped .

we all have our own version of what was coming or who is opening this this sushi place.  As a basic millennial , I love sushi and Thai food. So of course being a local who loves to try any new place we get in the upper keys, I was in the first two weeks of them Opening .. 

My husband and I where so excited to try this place for lunch we arrived at 11:20 and they opened for lunch at 11:30.. we took some time to read over the menus taped in the window. Looking inside seeing how cozy and clean the space looked .. simpler but sophisticated.


I was also very conferred to see some familiar things. First we got a pot of lose leaf green tea for us to split. 

Being who I am I wanted to try their soup and salad.. because that’s the best way to start a meal.. 

I order the coconut soup (Tom Kar)  with shrimp .. and a salad with peanut dressing.The coconut soup was creamy and zestyIt came with mushrooms,scallions and cilantro.. you can add shrimp or chicken .. 

The small salad with peanut dressing and crunchy wonton chips.  I enjoyed it but I was ready for what we came for .. Sushi &Thai food!  The bento box Was my choice for lunch..

 The sushi was fresh, with great color and texture. My box came with the Mexican roll, (tempura shrimp, avocado, asparagus and masago drizzle) Sushi and Sashimi 

I love a good lunch spot and a great bento box ..this place has both. 

The food came out fresh and fast and wonderful presentation. 

My husband order the drunken noodles, they where wonderful with just a tab but of spice to enjoy spice rice noodles with veggies and tofu. He was surprised at how fast the place filled up with people as we where enjoying their lunch.

A bunch of locals coming in to see what all the local buzz is about and  get a look at the place. As well as say hello to the Sushi chef which he seems to know every other persons who walked in the door. 

All in all I think this place is a great new place that we needed in town. A quick fresh and yummy place for a good meal at a good price. Another local gem in the making.. 



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