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Corks & Curds.. so much more than just a wine bar

Red, Red, Red wine you make me feel so fine, all of da time.
well white, white, white wine you do the job quite fine.

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This is the place Key Largo has really been missing for a long time…

Key Largo’s only retail wine & cheese shop with a wine bar. This place has a market shop feel during the day and at night it transforms into a picturesque high end wine bar.

If you are a fine wine connoisseur or just a person who likes to try new things, Corks and Curds is for you. They have wines from all over the world. They also have a great craft beer section ,So many yummy cheese and great platters that have wine pairing suggestions.


I have had the pleasure to visit both vibes this place has…  I have seen that building host bushiness that have come and go over the years.. many years and many different business ventures.. but nothing has ever made as much buzz as Corks & Curds has..

So I had to check this place out as soon has I had a free afternoon. I found myself super excited. I love wine.. I love to cook with it, and drink it..well let’s be real here I only have cooked with wine two times in my life.. so I love to drink wine. I am not a wine snob by no means possible .. I just know what kinds of wine I personally like and enjoy..

During the day I was friendly greeted and talking to the owners about the concept of the store and wine bar. I had a few tastings and samples and looked around at all the types of goodies they sell. So many interesting things that you would never really be able to find in our local grocery store. so many unique type of crackers, nuts, cheese and provisions. They make amazing gift baskets.. so many great ideas for the fast approaching holiday season.


A few nights ago I went for the first time at night with a friend for an after dinner drink.
It was such a wonderful experience. I was able to taste a few wines they where featuring that night until I found the one I really wanted a whole glass of.
The knowledge of our server Ashely was incredible . This is more than just a waitress pouring wine.. this was a wine lesson. I was able to learn about the region my choice of wine came from and the notes that are present.
The lights where turned down low with just candle light illuminating the room with light relaxing music playing lightly in the background. The mood in this establishment is unlike another I have ever felt here in the Keys, especially Key Largo.
This is a great place to go with a group of friends, just catch up with an old friend, or on a date night with your special someone. Corks & Curds has some really fun events.. they post them on their Facebook. Keep an eye out and RSVP they tent to fill up fast.

I am so excited that Corks & Curds calls Key Largo home, because us locals are loving it.

well really we are drinking to that..

Cheers, Corks & Curds..

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